Full Hemp Removal

fhr 9 series

The New Mechanized Concepts Hemp Harvester provides power, productivity and intelligence. Our Smart design and engineering delivers superb performance in the field. It is the first harvester specifically designed to fully remove the Hemp plant and separate the plant into the root base, stalk, and the flower for off site processing.
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Hemp Harvesting

Optimized Plant Material Flow
Full Plant Removal and Separation - Root/Stalk/Flower
Fast and Efficient Harvesting - Up to 17 Ac/Hr

4.0 PT All-Terrain Trac

36” Wide All-Terrain Composite Rubber Track
84 Sq. Ft. FAT TRAC Weight Distribution


Four Wheel Steering Optimizes Turning Radius Harvesting Head Turning

Powertrain - Cummins x15

450-675 HP (336-503 kW)1700-2050 lb-ft (2305-2779 N*m)Stage 5 Emissions Certification Diesel Power with VGT Turbocharger

24.0 FL Uprooting Harvesting Head

Angled Delta Uprooting Head
24’ Wide Uprooting Harvesting Head
Plant-Safe Moving Belts

Multiple Material Unloader

1x Material Flow Belt Unloader (Hemp Stalk)
2x Material Flow Axial Unloaders (Hemp Root/Flower)

Onboard Plant Separation

Auto Adjusting Cutting Heads for Precise Separation Belt and Axial Flow Plant Handling

Smart Cab Control

Multiple View Cameras Provide a 360 ̊ View Interactive/Information Displays Ergonomic Comfort Controls GPS Navigational Positioning/Guidance

Dual Chamber Trailer

High Capacity Divided Trailer


Harvester - 14W x 26L x 14H
Uprooting Harvesting Head - 24.5W x 10.5D Combined Weight - 38,230 lbs (17340 kg)

*All design and specifications are estimates and subject to change