Full Hemp Removal

fhr 6 series

The New Mechanized Concepts Hemp Harvesting Head provides an economical, powerful and productive solution. Our Smart
design and engineering delivers superb performance in the field. It is the first harvester head specifically designed to fully
remove the Hemp plant and bale for off site processing.
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Hemp Harvesting

Optimized Plant Material Flow
Full Plant Removal and Bale (Optional)
Fast and Efficient Harvesting - Up to 10 Ac/Hr

12.0 FL Uprooting Harvesting Head

Angled Delta Upooting Head
12’ Wide Uprooting Harvesting Head
Plant-Safe Moving Belts

Field Harvesting Options

Uprooted and Baled for Field Collection
Uprooted and Field Laid for Baling

Quick Attachment

Adapters for Multiple Brand Implements
HIgh Power Independent PTO
Quick Release Hydraulic Connectors


Uprooting Harvesting Head - 142W x 48H x 105L
Weight - 4365 lbs (1980 kg)

*All design and specifications are estimates and subject to change