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At Mechanized Concepts, we understand that diving into the hemp farming industry is filled with questions and full of the unknown. As advocates for agricultural revitalization in Kansas, we want to make it easy to grow, harvest, and sell industrial hemp grain and fiber.

Our Process

01 / Seed

From the Ground Up

We are seed brokers. We help you to choose the seeds right for you as well as provide buyers for the harvested grain.  As industrial hemp farming changes, we intend to help farmers adapt to new demands quickly and effectively.

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02 / Farming

Partner with Experts

The hemp industry is a constantly shifting landscape of laws, regulations, and trends.  We want to ensure that you have the information you need to plant, cultivate, and harvest your product.  We can provide education tools from FAQs to workshops for those getting started with industrial hemp farming in Kansas.

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03 / Harvest

Harvesting Solutions

We created proprietary and patented farm equipment specifically designed for harvesting hemp. Retrofitting existing equipment is tedious and expensive. Let us helpyou get the right equipment for the job.

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04 / Family First

Putting Family Farms First

Family farms are the backbone of the nation and we are eager to see your farms succeed.  Though each farmer has individual interests and skills, we can shoulder collective needs such as transition plans, business networks, or farming advocacy so you can do what you do best.

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05 / Full Circle

Take It Full Circle

We know the hemp industry is primed for explosive growth and this can mean exciting things for farmers. Re-energizing Kansas agriculture is important to us.  When you succeed, we succeed.  So, if you need to ask questions or get info, reach out to us. We’re here for you.

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